Tiger Computers have over 20 years of IT experience and can offers computer repairs, virus removal and full MOT’s. They also have new and second hand laptops and PC’s for sale and can also build bespoke systems to customers requirements.

Along side the IT department, we can also repair and fix broken mobile phones and tablets form most of the major brands including Apple, Samsung and LG.

If your PC appears to be running slow or does not seem to be very responsive, we can carry out a full MOT and let you know what the issues are and what options are available to you.

Q Can you remove a virus from my pc/laptop?

Yes, we can remove viruses and malware from PC's and laptops.

Q I want to upgrade my PC, can you help.

Yes, we can assess your PC and dertermine what upgrades are available to you.


Learn More About Backups It is often a common misconception that just by moving your files or photos on to an external hard drive or USB stick, your files are now backed up. Unfortunately this is incorrect and as you still only have one copy of theses files or photos, they are not backed up, just moved. A backup is where you have two copies of yor files or photos andthey are located in two different locations, e.g. one copy on your PC or laptop and another BACKUP copy on and external hard drive, USB stick or up in the cloud. If you are running low on disk space on your PC or laptop, by all means move the files to an external device but ensure that you make copies of these to another device as well or send copies of these up to a cloud account.

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